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~ Welcome ~

"Welcome to GodlyRO. "

Service 1

Server Information

Fresh New Server!!!

Know the vibes of our customized renewal server.

Episode 16.1 - Renewal

Base EXP: 28x

Job EXP: 28x

Quest EXP: 28x

Item Drop Rate: 10x

Miniboss Card Rate: 10x

MvP Card Drop Rate: 0.05%

See "Server Info" for furthur details.

Service 2

Our Goal

GodlyRO aims to be a different style of renewal server.

Service 3

Current Status

Under implementation


War of Emperium

WoE starts in..

Aug 14, 2022 21:16:00

Castle : Greenwood Lake

WoE Schedule

Kriemhield, friday 20:00:00

Britoniah Guild, saturday 12:00:00

Greenwood Lake, sunday 21:16:00

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